Paul Cezanne

- Cézanne

The Father of Modern Painting

Paul Cezanne is considered by many, the father of modern painting. His paintings and ideas during his life influenced many artists and art movements of that time. Cezanne's innovative paintings challenged the convention style of painting in color, brush strokes and composition. He was also considered a visionary in his art, using the brush, the oils and the canvas to master his own personal expression of life. Yet with his brilliance and his artistic talent, Paul Cezanne is considered on of the most misunderstood painters of his time. His success as an artist and famous painter came late in his life.

      Paul Cezanne was born into a on January 19, 1839 in southern part of France in the Aix-en-Provence. His father, Louis-Auguste Cézanne was a hat-maker in the early years of his life and later became a hat merchant. His mother, Anne-Elisabeth Honorine Aubert
bore one son, Paul and two daughters, Marie and Rose. The family grew-up middle class until Cezanne's father Louis became involved into banking and cofounded a banking firm. Soon afterwards, with the father's banking firm the Cezanne family started to prosper. This situation gave Paul Cezanne the financial opportunities to study and attend the many schools during his youth. The money also gave him the financial freedom to do what he really wanted to do, create art.

The French Artist
      Paul Cezanne studied art at an early age and was enrolled at a boarding school. There he was mentored by a monk named Joseph Gibert. At the age of thirteen furthered his studies at the College Bourbon. During his studies he became good friends with Emile Zola, a student also studying at College Bourbon. At the age of twenty, Paul entered law school and left after two years to live and study art in Paris with his friend Emile.

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      Paul Cezanne became a master of color, design and composition on canvas. His brush stokes became clearly defined in the landscapes and people he painted. His intensity of color and design however, did not bring the great reviews from the art critics. They were harsh and unsympathetic to his art style and he did not become famous for his art until his later years in life.

End of a Great Artist
      Paul Cezanne's life ended at the age of 67, dying from pneumonia on October 22. 1906, His life has ended but his works of art lives on in the many art museums and universities for many of us to view and enjoy.